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Cooking 2016-03-21

Zero oil Chicken Banjara Kebab

500 gms boneless chicken breast2 tbsp fresh yogurt2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste5 green chillies paste1 tsp cumin seeds1/2 tsp sesame seeds1/2 tsp mustard seeds roasted and ground into powder1/2 tsp red c
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Finance 2016-03-12

Government Subsidies for Women Entrepreneurs

Times have changed. Today, Indian women are at par with men. They have come a long way from being known as just ‘homemakers’ to ‘career-oriented’ women. Modern day women are all set to brea
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Meditation 2016-03-03

Importance of meditation

Importance of Meditation Meditation or “dhyana” is an extreme form of concentration. It allows your mind to focus on one thing and detaches you from all worldly things. Meditation is one of T
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Red Brigade

“A porn star is accepted as a celebrity in this country but a rape survivor is shunned.”Sexual assault victim Usha Vishwakarma is armed with a brigade of fighter girls ready to tackle the mena
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Hobbies 2016-03-06


There is beauty in the every day, and capturing that beauty on film (or digitally) can be inspiring and rewarding. From snapping pictures of the kids that will be cherished for years to come to tak
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Shopping 2016-03-09

Single Moms Guide to Shopping

Single moms guide to shoppingShopping on a limited budget is never easy especially if you have take care of a toddler and his needs.I have learned a few tricks which may prove to be helpful for oth
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Companionship 2016-03-05

4 Things You Realize When You're Single

The four things every single girl realizes when she's happy.After the breakdown of my marriage of six years I was broken beyond repair,it was hard for me to get back on my feet but after a while I r
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Travel 2016-04-03

6:30 am Mumbai local

After my mother's death I couldn't stay at my home. I was very much attached to my mother and loosing her over cancer was the a very big shock for me. The time she took her last breath I was there
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The Gajra

I went to the hospital run by The Banyan today. It was around a two and a half hour journey and a part of it is always tough for me as I always happen to forget the route after the CMBT stop so the
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Breast Tax and Nangeli's Sacrifice : Unsung Heroines Of India

Nangeli gained her place in history as the woman who cut off her breasts to protest against an inhuman tax imposed in erstwhile TravancoreMany books and histories have been written about caste oppr
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Companionship 2016-03-03

Be your own companion

When we hear about company for single ladies first thing that comes to mind is dating sites, that is what your moms and aunts suggest after a rough breakup, but one thing that I have realized is th
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Get Gorgeous 2016-03-15

Shattering Body Image Stereotypes- Madeline , Model with Down’s Syndrome

Madeline Stuart is revolutionizing the modeling world one runway and photo shoot at a time. She headlines a beauty brand, is a fitness model and run way regular. Now the 19-year-old A