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Surrogacy in Indian perspective

‘Surrogacy’  a word that brings a hope of upcoming pleasure to everyone i.e. to Natural Family, Surrogate family, Hospital (or organizer), and the country as well. A process though which N
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The Gajra

I went to the hospital run by The Banyan today. It was around a two and a half hour journey and a part of it is always tough for me as I always happen to forget the route after the CMBT stop so the
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Parliamentary provisions to ensure dignity of women

After Independence there was need to introduce some statutory laws to ensure safety and protection of women. Keeping in view this requirement, just like constitutional provisions, various parliam
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Life of a Single mother

“There is no way to be a perfect mother but a millions ways to be a good one”Since the day I came to know I was pregnant I had an instant connection with my baby, It was an amazing feeling to ha
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Domestic Violence : Know Your Rights

What is Domestic violence? Every woman has a right to live in a violence free home, which is conducive to her health and allows
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Some new insight into Domestic violence act 2005

Domestic violence is defined  as “any act, omission or commission or conduct of the respondent shall constitute domestic violence in case it:1.     harms or injures
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Hobbies 2016-03-06


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”-Audrey HepburnGardening is great when you are planning to move ahead, away from your past. As gardening gives you hope, patience and ultimately rew
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Companionship 2016-03-16

10 Things Single Moms Can Do to Build Family Unity

As a single mom, I desperately want to create unity in my family. I don't want to be defined by the rising trend of selfishness, or distracted by the "now" of technology. I want my children to love
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How to move on from a Failed Relationship

When a relationship is over, let go and move on in a healthy way to attract the right one for you."Have faith that true love is meant to be and one day love will come shining through. No mat
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Meditation 2016-03-20

Why I choose to forgive

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”-BuddhaSince childhood I have always been intrigued by words of
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Adoption Rules in India - Know your Rights

Are you considering adopting a child? Here are some of the basic rules you need to know about this process. Who is allowed to adopt a child?  In India, an Indian, Non Resident Indian (NRI),
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Finance 2016-03-12

Government Subsidies for Women Entrepreneurs

Times have changed. Today, Indian women are at par with men. They have come a long way from being known as just ‘homemakers’ to ‘career-oriented’ women. Modern day women are all set to brea